Da Lat, a Favorite Tourist Destination in Vietnam

When you come to Vietnam, it is strongly recommended that you come into the popular tourist destination in Da Lat. Actually; this is the capital city of the Long Dom Province. This city is placed at the Langbiang Plateau, and when you want to take a look at the historical background of this city, you should know that this is the amazing Vietnam city which becoming the Federation of Indochina city, even this is also the battle city during the World War II, so it has been a long story for this city to get improved from time by time.

dalat waterfall


According to the visitors who already come to Da Lat, they will highly recommended you to come and reach this city, since this is also the favorite destination for tourist to come and enjoy the situation around Da Lat. You can always see the stylish and artistic Art Deco architecture concept which highly adopted from the French style. And, don’t forget to see the most beautiful panorama of the big lake at Da Lat which called Xuan Huong lake, and for your info this is actually about the huge artificial lake. You will also realize that this is the city with high tropical climate, which means you can always come to the city and enjoy situation since this city is already predicated as a city with the eternal spring. On the central highlands, you will also find out the traditional Vietnam buildings with the local architecture called Cao Nguyen. But this city is also having the fabulous western style as you can see at the train station with the fabulous Normandy style called as the Trouville-Deaville Station.

dalat park


Actually, Da Lat is the city with the high mixture of Indochina culture and the touch of European culture. You may always go to Da Lat by using the plane transportation just like Vietnam Airlines Flies which always come to Da Lat from Saigon, the flight will always about 4 times in a week. You can hang out around Da Lat by using taxis from the airport or other local transportations such as buses or trains.

dalat lake


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