Cuenca, A Place to See the Ancient Hanging Houses in Spain

Cuenca, located in Cuenca province in Castilla La Mancha of Spain and the city has a dramatic position. The city is surrounded by the gorges of Huecar and Jucar rivers and the gorges are tall. These give the city an extraordinary look which is worthy to be admired by anyone.


Cuenca is a fortified city and the city is granted with status of UNESCO World Heritage site. Inside of the city, every people will be able to see the well preserved buildings those were built in the past and there are a lot of things can be seen here in this city. Sightseeing is something must be done because the city is so gorgeous. Visit the Museum of Abstract Art that located in the hanging house on the gorges. Along with the museum, visitors will also visit the Hanging Houses those are originally the summer houses of the royal family. Visiting other places like Ciudad Antigua, Baroque town hall and a lot others will be great as well.


Cuenca, Spain

Summer is the best time to visit the city and the city will be easy to be reached. City is able to be reached with the buses and trains. There are high-speed trains that will take the visitors from Madrid or Valencia. In order to reach this city, everyone will be able to take a bus too from Madrid or Toledo and both cities will have the buses come to the city of Cuenca within two hours. So taking both trains and buses is a fine choice.

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