Coro – A Less Noticed City near an Ancient Cultural Site

In Peru, the province of Ancash houses many attractive sightseeing places, one of those is Chavin de Huantar–a center of the ancient Chavin culture once developed around 900 BCE. Other than that, the province also a region where one can visit Coro, a nice city that is worth visiting in order to fulfill the needs of having an interesting tourism destination. A combination of intriguing natural contour and cultural site, the city is a nice starting point for someone to eventually expand his or her subsequent trip.

Church in Coro

The city is nice to pay a visit during summer and can be reached through land road by cars. However, one can always opt to take a hiking road from the nearest town, Molinoragra. Being situated near the base of mountain, Coro possesses mild to cool temperature, which is suitable for those who are searching for a place where she or he can spend times without fearing the higher temperature.

Coro is 208 miles far from Lima, the capital of Peru and there are two airports that can support the needs of having trips by the air. The nearest airport is Tinga Maria Airport which is 108.4 kilometer away from Coro. As disclosed before, the city of Coro is the place where one can get into Chavin de Huantar, which is a remnant of ancient culture, built some times in 900 BC. It is a culture older even than Inca culture. So with little brief review, I hope you can make up your mind and decide going to Coro as another option to take about where to go during holiday.

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