Continuing Study in Science and Technology City in South Korea

Visiting South Korea is incomplete if you don’t visit the business center district known as Daejeon. This city is also considered as the center of the transportation. This is concerning to the fact that Daejeon is the location of four railroads. At least, you get an easy access if you want to go to the specific areas there. You can imagine that you can go to other cities in two hours only.


Daejeon City, South Korea

One of the popular business districts is namely Dunsan and you can find new apartment, restaurant, and parliament buildings. Of course, you can visit several interesting landmarks there including Hanbit tower and Expo Bridge. For those who are curious with the art of Korean people you can just visit the popular museum known as Daejeon Museum of Art. The coolest time is in January whereas the warmest time is in August. The historical sport stadium, Daejeon World Cup Stadium was used for FIFA World Cup in 2002. Travelers don’t need to worry with the transportation because they can use two different expressways which are Gyeongbu Expressway and Honam Expressways.



They can also use two railways which are Gyeongbu railway and Honam railway. Moreover, they can also use a subway and you can go by plane through Cheongju Airport. This is also a good city of continue your study because there are several educational places available including Korea University of Science and Technology, Institute of Information, and Korean Advanced Institute. Even, one of the institutes there was ranked as the best Asian science and technology school.

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