Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay Oldest Town

Colonia del Sacramento should be on your list of places-to-visit when you are planning to get away to Uruguay. This town is located in the southwestern part of the country; facing the Argentina Buenos Aires. Among the other towns in Uruguay, Colonia del Sacramento is considered as the oldest town with its historic stories and heritages.

Yosemite National Park house

Yosemite National Park,Uruguay

The town was established by Portugal in 1680; with the first name of Colonia do Sacramento. From time to time, a number of disputes and war happened in this land until it got the independence in January 1809 and became part of Uruguay; instead of Portugal, Spain, or Argentina.


The landwamrks of Colonia del Sacramento refer to the historical quarter Barrio Historico section. Other attractions of the old town are the city gate Porton de Campo, the Municipal Museum, ruins of convent and lighthouse, Portuguese museum, Viceroy’s House, bullring, and Casa de Nacarello.

How to Get There

To enter Colonia del Sacramento, you can take boat from Buenos Aires with various routes and costs. Slower boats cost you less but longer time; for about three hours. If you want cheap trip, choose the boat with route Tigre to Carmelo. Get the center of the city by taking bus from Carmelo. Meanwhile, to get around, you do not need any transportation because the town is small so that you can explore it on foot.

Yosemite National Park -tower

Yosemite National Park,Uruguay

Best Time to Visit Colonia del Sacramento

Among the available months in a year, the best time to have fun in Colonia del Sacramento is in Novermber-March. During this period, you will have enjoyable trip because of the warmer weather.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park,Uruguay

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