Coiba National Park, the Well Preserved and Rich Natural Resources in Panama

Have you ever heard about Panama Canal? Yap! Panama Canal is located in Panama, a country which is located in Central America. This Canal is known as the gate of the world which means many trading ships from all over passing through this canal that also makes Panama’s economy growth faster. Moreover, similar with another America Latin country that was invaded by Spain in the old time, thus, the language that is used in Panama is Spanish. Panama sure knows how to attract tourist to come to the country by offering tax and price discounts for the tourist, thus, it is not surprising if there are many tourist visiting Panama.

Coiba National Park

Panama is worth visit since the country has Coiba National Park in which it is claimed as rich and well preserved natural resources. Thus, for those who love nature and its beauty should visit the park since there are 38 islands that you can explore. However, since preserving the natural beauty and the environment in the park is important, thus, it is not easy to enter the park. You have to get the permission from the National Authority for the Environment that is to make sure that you won’t cause any damages to the place.

There some places that you can visit in this park. They are Bahia Damas Reef and Coiba Island. In Bahia Damas Reef you can go diving and see the beautiful reef there since it is one of the largest reefs in Central America. However, scuba diving in this place should be arranged by professional diving tour since the reef environment is fragile. Meanwhile, in Coiba Island that also known as Devil’s Island you can see prison in which it was used to jail most dangerous criminal in the country.

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