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Ayutthaya, the City of Hundreds Ancient Temples

This ancient city history started around 1350 when this city becomes the second capital of Siam after Sukhothai. But, this city was destroyed in 1767 by Burmese and only left few building remains. However, that incident can’t erased the beauty of this city that once said to be the most beautiful city in the world by Europe people that comes and trade in this city long time ago. And in 1991, this city is acknowledged and become the UNESCO World Heritage. The best time to visit Ayutthaya would Read more [...]

Enjoying Old Skyscrapers in Shibam

New York City becomes the city that is popular with the skyscraper buildings that are located in Manhattan but actually the first skyscraper was not building in NYC. Shibam, a city in Yemen is the city where the first skyscraper built was found. That is why it is called as Manhattan in the Desserts. The history of Shibam was first known from 3rd Century AD. The unique building itself was first built in the 2nd Century AD in order to protect the citizens of Shibam from Bedouin raids. The skyscraper Read more [...]

Zabid, the Best City to Learn Islamic Culture at Yemen

We all notice that people may conduct travelling abroad whether to fulfill the need to gain relaxation or simply learning about different culture of the country they are going to visit. Well, if you are interested to conduct culture learning about Islam, perhaps one of the best choices is a city in Yemen such as Zabid. Well, many people recognize such city as being the center of Islamic education. This city gains its name from Wadi Zabid and was founded in 9th century. This city is considered to Read more [...]

The Alien Island, Socotra Archipelago

Socotra is the island that not popular with white sand beaches, palm trees or warm sunlight. It is popular with unique species that can’t be found in other places on the world. That is why many people call it as Alien Island because the species of flora and fauna that can be met in Socotra are very strange and unique. The Socotra Archipelago is located in Yemen and it is one of four islands of this country. It is known as the rich island with various unique species that consists of plant species, Read more [...]

Shakhrisyabz, the Birthplace of Turco-Mongol Conqueror Timur

Originally acknowledged as Kesh which means heart-pleasing, this city is now popular as Shakhrisyabz as a part of Uzbekistan. Many people in Central Asia in particular recognize this city as the birthplace of Timur, Turco-Mongol Conqueror who was famous in 14th century. Shakhrisyabz has been considered as one of major cities in Central Asia. Historically, Shakhrisyabz was establish over 2700 years ago, the reason of its being the most ancient city in its region of Central Asia. This city Read more [...]