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The Precious Central Suriname Nature Reserve

Visiting a central park like Central Suriname Nature Reserve will always be something nice for the people who love nature. This nature reserve in Suriname was established in the year 1998 by the government of Suriname and the Conservation International and it is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Too bad; that this Central Suriname Nature Reserve is not a popular destination to be visited by more visitors in every year. Inside of the nature reserve there are several domes of granite those Read more [...]

Visiting Chavin as a Way to Enjoy Your Holiday

Where to go if you want to obtain fascinating holiday and expanding insights all at once? Most people will almost definitely say that it is the beaches or going mountaineering and all. I, for one, will say that Chavin is the suitable place to get such things. Why? Chavin, located in Peru, is the place where the Chavin culture first developed around 900 BC to 200 BC. Now, with the city of Chavin de Huantar as its modern capital, one will get more advantages once he/she chooses to visit the site.   The Read more [...]

Place of Highest Mountain in Peru

Every country has the higher peak and Huascaran mount is the highest mount which can be found in this country. The name Huascarán is not only used for the mount but also for the national park which is placed surround this area. It is part of the Andes Range in the central area of Peru. Huascarán National Park has protected status because this is habitat for many kinds of flora and fauna. At the same time it also contains the formation of geology as well as remaining of archaeology of Chavin culture. Read more [...]

Coiba National Park, the Well Preserved and Rich Natural Resources in Panama

Have you ever heard about Panama Canal? Yap! Panama Canal is located in Panama, a country which is located in Central America. This Canal is known as the gate of the world which means many trading ships from all over passing through this canal that also makes Panama’s economy growth faster. Moreover, similar with another America Latin country that was invaded by Spain in the old time, thus, the language that is used in Panama is Spanish. Panama sure knows how to attract tourist to come to the country Read more [...]

Biosphere Reserve in Manú National Park

Peru is not only the country which has many kinds of ancient culture remaining but it also has the biosphere diversity which should be kept from danger. Manú National Park becomes a place of biosphere reserve which is placed in Paucartambo and Madre de Dios in Cusco. It was actually protected because it is hard to access until today. It is also included in one of the Biodiversity Park which is placed in highest level in the world. This is favorite place for many birdwatchers from all around the Read more [...]