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Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve, Striking Natural Wonder in Seychelles

Are you eager to see natural wonder in an island which is full of lovely beaches? Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve will be the best tourist destination for your relaxed unforgettable holiday. This is a natural wonder which takes form of striking palm forest; the well preserved one with some endemic coco plants. Historically, UNESCO has appointed Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve as World Heritage Site in 1983. Since then, this site becomes a famous tourist destination known through its wonderful natural Read more [...]

Aldabra Atoll as the Largest Atoll for Raised Corals

If we are always interested in the beautiful places which offer hundreds or even thousands attractions, we can try to go around the world which commonly offers the beautiful places in the different way. If we are also interested in the UNESCO sites, there are a lot of great places for the sites which also offer the great beauty of the nature. We can try to get travelled there, such like visiting Aldabra Atoll in Seychelles. Sure, it is one of the natural wonders which have been declared by UNESCO. Read more [...]

Enjoying BeautifulPitons Management Area at Soufriere Town

The Pitons Management Areais located near to Soufriere town and Choiseul in southwest coast. The Piton itself is the name of volcanic spire that rise from the sea around the Pitons area. The place has one hundred and sixty eight species with the sixty of them are cnidaria. Other species are coral, fourteen of sponges, eleven of echinoderms, fifteen of arthropods, annelid worms that exists 8 kinds, and eight molluscs. At the top part, there is Ledera Hotel that is usually used by the tourist for their Read more [...]

Enjoying the Beauty ofBrimstone Hill Fortress National Park

Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park is located in St.Kitts island ad is St. Christopher and Nevis federation in the eastern of Caribbean. The park was established by military of British engineers and done by the African slaves. The park has impressive history part. It was mounted during the year 1690 on the Brimstone hill that was addressed as the place to recapture Fort Charles. The construction for the park took about one hundred years.   This historical park has numerous places Read more [...]

Bled, A Place of Glacial Lake Bled

The municipality of Bled which is also a town in north-western Slovenia has become a famous tourist destination for years. It has numerous attractive places which will fit your fun holiday. The area of Bled is within Julian Alps and alongside the Lake Bled. Beautiful landscape with amazing objects is the major magnetism of this city. Since Mesolithic era, Bled has been settled. The name Bled itself appeared firstly in March of Carniola, award for Bishop Albuin in 1004. Bled became a part of Read more [...]