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Top 10 Places to See Beautiful Traditional Houses

Reed Houses, Peru The Uru people who are living Lake Titicaca, Peru has a unique design of traditional house.. The house is made from coconut leaves and reeds. This is a house which can be suitable for their culture. The unique design from this house is that the roof is coming down and big. You should be careful because the roof is lower than your height. Log Cabin House, USA At the first time, houses in USA are made from log creation for its whole structure. It is very popular in Read more [...]

Top 10 Themeparks You Must Visit for Family Vacation

Many people of course will try to spare some of their time for enjoying the quality time with their family. Family holiday will not be perfect without visiting the theme park of course moreover when there are kids in the family. This can be the reason why the theme park will never free of crowd and here are ten theme parks in the world which are visited the most. 1. Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World in Florida, US This theme park is the Fantasyland makeover and it had over 17 million people Read more [...]

10 Amazing Natural Parks You Must Visit in The World

Spending a vacation in a natural park certainly can become a perfect way to get closer to the Mother Nature because a natural park contains natural things. In most cases, when visiting a natural park, visitors will be able to find various kinds of flora and fauna that cannot be found in their daily life because a natural park is a conservatory park. Amongst the many natural parks that can be found on the world, the followings are top 10 places to visit natural parks. 1.       Great Smokey Read more [...]

10 Most Incredible Palaces in The World You Must Visit Before You Die

If you are a traveller who would love to explore ancient places, kingdoms, where you want to feel the places where all great kings had ever ruled in the past, you may not miss these palaces. Each palaces has its own amazing story which could make you realize how great those Kings was. 1. Forbidden City Forbidden City is situated in Beijing, China. This area is the world’s largest palace complex. Forbidden City now becomes a palace museum that holds the records from Ming Dynasty to Qing Read more [...]

Top 10 Infinity Pools around the World You Must Try

Swimming has many fans. No matter professional or amateur, people will spend their times to swim. If you are not confident enough to dare a sea, swimming in infinity pool is the best choice. Here are Top 10 Places to Experience Infinity Pools that you can try Sheraton Waikiki Hawaii Try this pool and you will wish to be a water creature since you do not want to stop swimming. The feeling is very extraordinary when you are swimming with the open sky as your roof , then you face a pacific Read more [...]