Carthage, South Mediterranean Archeological Site

Carthage is an area which is located in Tunisia. This city is the centre of Carthaginian Empire during antiquity era. It is developed by the Phoenician colony in the ancient empire. This city’s location is very suitable for their maritime trade. All ships which are crossing in the sea should past Sicily, coast of Tunisia. Because of that, Carthage is a city which has a great power and influence for its economical power. There are two large artificial harbors in here, one for the maritime warships and one for the maritime trade.


East from Carthage, Tunisia

The most popular landmark in Carthage is The Byrsa Hill which is dominated by the lake and ocean gulf of Tunis. Today, this city is become very wealthy because there are many kinds of elite schools and wealthy residents. Besides that, you can also find large number of archaeological sites in this city. If you want to travel near the sea, you can see President’s residence. To get in this city, you can easily take TGL light rail which come from Tunis. Because this city has a lot of interesting scenery, it is good for you to get around this city by walking. You can try to go around this city around December because there are many kinds of attractions that can be seen in that month.



There are a lot of historical sites which is very worth it to see in Carthage. You can buy ticket for 9DT and it can allow you to enter for about 10 different historical sites such as Antonin Baths, Carthage Museum, World War II North Africa American Cemetery, Water Cisterns, Amphitheater, Punic Tophet, Basilica of Saint Cyprien, and Presidential Palace.


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