Caral-Supe, the Sacred City

Caral-Supe is an old city that situated in Peru. It is very famous in the world because of the ruins. The ruins is showed that in very-very past time, there is a civilization that very clever. The ruins are structured and very well-planned. The research found that the ruins are built about 5,000 years ago. So it is very amazing that the ruins still be in this new era. Because of the found of the ruins, Caral-Supe became the oldest civilization in America and even many people called it as “The Mother of Civilization”. It is also  named UNESO World Heritage Site in  2009.


Actually Caral-Supe has been identified in 1948 by Paul Kosok. Later, many people aware that there are many mysterious ruins that built in desert over here. The ruins are look like the pyramid in Egypt. Because the complexity of the ruins, people believe that “who” built the ruins are a clever society. Maybe ordinary humans can’t build it. So some people believe that actually the ruins are built by aliens. There still many amazing things. Musical instruments also have been found over the ruins. It is very amazing because how can “they” find art and melodic thing more than 5,000 years ago?

If you are anxious, you can visit Caral-Supe and prove it for yourself. But it is a little bit difficult to reach Caral-Supe. You can land in first at Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima, and then you can rent a jeep or small bus to reach Caral-Supe.  It is about three half hour to get Caral-Supe from Lima. You must across the desert, and it is quite hot.

Peru has desert climate. Caral-Supe is a little bit resemble with it. You must be warn for yourself. Noon in desert climate can be very hot and the night can be very cold. Also, Peru has two seasons, they are wet and dry. But the best time to visit Caral-Supe is in January-March. Maybe you will feel wet and dry along the trip, but just enjoy it. The hard trip will be worthy if you had reach the amazing ruins.

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