Canaima National Park, A Place to See Angel Falls, The World Greatest Water Fall

You can always come into the world greatest National park which called Canaima National Park, actually this National Park is located in the border between Brazil and Guyana and the exact location is in the Bolivar State. This is the amazing park because of the unique landslide which made from the amazing rocking plateau named tepuis. This is also about the sixth largest national park in the world, so when you have a plan to take on vacation, you may visit this national park as the next destination for you.

Canaima hill


Actually, the most appropriate time to come and visit this Canaima National Park is on the on the summer time when you can always take a look at the worldwide beauty of the waterfall since this national park is the main gateway to arrive on the world greatest water fall called the Angel Falls. You can also see the true beauty of other waterfalls lagoons surround this national park. Here, you will find out the grassy savannah with unique landslide because of the tepuis and the most important part is about the beautiful waterfall. You may pay the entrance ticket about Bs. 8000 at the first time when you arrive at the Canaima Airport.

Canaima Airport

Canaima Airport,Venezuela

Actually, you can always reach this national park after you come into the border of Venezuela and Brazil. Soon, you will have to reach the Bolivar state first, you may also reach it by coming into the Eastern sector which already having the road access. So, you can also charter the plane from Caracas to reach this place.

Canaima waterfall

Canaima waterfall,Venezuela

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