Bled, A Place of Glacial Lake Bled

The municipality of Bled which is also a town in north-western Slovenia has become a famous tourist destination for years. It has numerous attractive places which will fit your fun holiday. The area of Bled is within Julian Alps and alongside the Lake Bled. Beautiful landscape with amazing objects is the major magnetism of this city.



Since Mesolithic era, Bled has been settled. The name Bled itself appeared firstly in March of Carniola, award for Bishop Albuin in 1004. Bled became a part of Duchy of Carniola during the period of 1364 up to 1919. In 1918, when dissolution happened between Austria-Hungary, Bled was under Kingdom of Yugoslavia rule. In 1996, it got the independence as municipality.


Lake Bled


The landmark which is the most popular tourism object in Bled is the Lake Blade. On the incredible look of rocks in the glacial lake, there stands Bled Castle with its pleasant appearance. Other remarkable sites for your holiday are Iglica Waterfall, Babji Zob caves, Bled Island with its Church of Assumption, and other sport spots for hiking, mini golf, skating, swimming, or skydiving.

When and How to go to Bled

You can visit Bled in winter or summer. Many people choose to travel during winter to enjoy the crispness of Alpine air; while those who prefer summer tend to look for natural beauty in this town.

To get the city, you can have a flight from UK to Slovenia and land in Ljubljana, the capital city. from Bled, it will be 22 miles journey before you reach the town by car.

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