Bird-watch and Save Linx Programs in Donana National Park

For the people who love nature, a place like Donana National Park is something not to be missed especially when the time to visit the national park is at its best. What is better than visiting the very well tended national park like this one national park of span?


Donana National Park

Donana National Park is located in Seville and Huelva provinces in Andalucia, Spain. The national park is listed as the UNESCO World Heritage and the place is wonderful with various wildlife like birds, Iberian linx the wildcats and a lot others to be seen. Plants and vegetation are also worthy to be seen by the visitors of Donana national Park. In this national park, visitors may see the Bee-eaters birds, vultures, eagles and a lot other birds so this place is perfect for bird watch. The national park is known to have a steady program of saving Iberian linx from extinction and there will be more people able to see this unique species of linx.

Donana National Park

There are some experts who believe that in the center of this park, there is the lost city of Atlantis and their research is ongoing. Donana National Park is also known to be limiting its access to visitors and the national park even set a high price to the visitors to come to the national park. For the people who wish to visit the nation park, it is recommended to go in a tour group because the price being offered to visit the park will be cheaper than the individual visitors.

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