Biosphere Reserve in Manú National Park

Peru is not only the country which has many kinds of ancient culture remaining but it also has the biosphere diversity which should be kept from danger. Manú National Park becomes a place of biosphere reserve which is placed in Paucartambo and Madre de Dios in Cusco. It was actually protected because it is hard to access until today. It is also included in one of the Biodiversity Park which is placed in highest level in the world. This is favorite place for many birdwatchers from all around the world with more than a thousand bird species. Best time to visit this area is dry season.

Manú National Park

For entering this area, people have to get permit from INRENA which is operating all national parks which are placed in Peru. Cusco is the nearest city which people can access before they are able to continue the trip to certain anima lick in the area for example. Boat actually becomes the main transportation support which can help people reach certain lick but of course walking is another undeniable effort which people have to do during the stay in the national park. But from Cusco, people can take plane, bus, or boat to arrive in the Manú National Park.

Manú National Park

People can take the tour support for enjoying the real natural beauty of biodiversity in this area with various prices for sure from US$500-1800. People have to remember that there are three zone separations in the national park and people cannot just enter any zone easily although people are able to enter the reserved zone with the right tour operator choice.

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