Big Putorana Plateau in Russia

Putorana Plateau is a place located in Putorana Mountains, Rusia. This is a high lying basalt plateau which is very amazing. The location of this area is known as northwestern mountainous area in around Central Siberian Plateau. Mount Kamen is the highest mountain that can be seen in here. The plateau in this area is composed by Siberian Traps. Putorana is located closed to the Norilsk city. There are many kinds of natural wonder which is located in this area.



Big putorana Plateau

If you want to go to this area, you can try to reach this city for about 1 hour. It is easy for you to take public buses if you want to go to this area. There is a large lake which is located in this ecosystem. You can enjoy some experience in this location. The native language which is used in this area is “Putorana”. This area is also known as the largest store for fresh water in Russia. Putorana Nature Reserve is become a natural area which is set up to protect reindeer herd area. There are many kinds of arctic and subarctic area which is found in this location.



mount roraima

Many kinds of interesting ecosystem can be easily found in here such as untouched cold water lake, arctic desert system, forest tundra, isolated mountain range and river system. You can enjoy exploring natural wonders in this area. There are for about 576 flora species that can be found around this area. You can also find Russian geographical center which is located in Lake Vivi.

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