Beautiful Sites In Erzurum

When you have a plan to go traveling, Turkey is so recommended if you are finding the best tourism object. Now we will visit one of city in Turkey called Erzurum


Highway Erzurum

Erzurum is a city which is located in the eastern of Turkey. It was created in the reign of Armenian kings, Artaxiad and Arcid. In 387, the name of this city was changed due to the fortification of the city by The Romans and its name became Theodosopolis. In 700, this city felt to The Ottoman and it turned to Ottoman’s again after being captured by The Russian in 1829. This city became the main point of Armenian genocide in 1915. We can say that this city has diverged ethnics which influence its building


Turkey Erzurum panarama

This city has many beautiful landmarks such as citadel fortress, cifte Minareli Medrese and citadel Erzurum. The tourists can begin their journey from the Erzurum airport which is 10 km from the center of the city. Bus can be taken to get around in this city. The tourist only needs to go to Erzurum Otogar, which is 1 km from the city. Since this city is not too big, walking is the best way to explore this city, but if the tourist wants to take a transportation system, taxi and public bus are the best things to go. Related to exploring this city by walking, it is recommended to visit this place in summer. Winter is also a good time to visit since this city has many famous ski sites.

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