Beautiful Arctic Landscape of Laponian Area

It seems impossible for human being for living in the place which can be the coldest place all over the world but in fact, we can find Saami people who inhabit the Laponian Area which is very vast in Arctic landscape which should be one of the coldest places in the world. The Laponian Area includes seven national or nature parks. People can explore the beauty of nature which can be very vast and of course they can also be witness of the culture of Saami who are living in arctic climate for all the time



Summer is the best time for enjoying the wildlife of Laponian Area because people will not get involved with snow everywhere during their stay for example. It is true that there are Saami people who can survive in this area but people who are new in this place should not try the same kind of life for sure. People do not have to pay anything as entrance fee for entering the Laponian Area but if they want to visit certain sport such as museum, there is certain amount of money which have to be paid.


Gallivare and Jokkmok can be the nearest municipality which can be found and people need to rent a car for reaching the Laponian Area and enjoy the great view as well as various kinds of activity which can be done in this area. This is also the great place for enjoying Aurora Borealis which is the rainbow of the night sky in Arctic area.



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