Bat – The Famous Tomb in Oman

Are you bored of taking a vacation time around some usual places, like beaches, mountains, and stuffs? If so, why not taking the joy into an archaeological sites? Adding the sensation of seeing something old and ancient to the element of fun in vacationing, you will ultimately save yourself from getting a timid holiday due to visiting common destinations. Confused not in picking place to get to for there you have Bat, Oman, as a place of such interest.


Bat, Oman

Being included as part of UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988, Bat is an ancient tomb and settlement dating back to third millennium BC. The site is divided into two big parts, the southern part houses a cluster of graves while the northern part is where a beehive-like structure situated. Historically, the settlers occupying this site were known to get involved in trading with the Sumerians, with Copper and Diorite were two common things being exchanged.


Located approximately 281 kilometer from Muscat, the site of Bat can be reached through land road by cars. One can rent a car from Muscat and get to the site to eventually book a hotel during stay. The nearest hotel around the destination is about 36 kilometer, though one can always opt for other hotels more convenient to him/her. If one is to get to Bat using airplane, the nearest airport to the site is about 93 kilometer far that is Firg Airport. With the title of one of the oldest settlement/tomb, you can always rely on Bat for giving you another sensation of vacationing.

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