Bardejov, Home for Cultural Monuments in Slovakia

If you are visiting Slovakia, do not skip Bardejov; an old town with several amazing historical cultural monuments. Located in the floodplain terrace of Topl’a River, the hills of Beskyd Mountains; this town offers beautiful old heritage in wonderful landscape.



In Stone Age, Bardejov has become an attractive land to settle. It grew as a big city for centuries. Furthermore, Bardejov was successful to be a busy town with incredible economic growth. It kept growing up to 19th century. The restorations were made since 1950, in order to preserve the cultural heritage in Bardejov. As the result, this town is now a famous tourist destination from all over the world.




As said before, Bardejov is rich of cultural heritage. The most initial landmark is Sv. Aegidius Church, monumental building which are surrounded by Renaissance and Gothic burghers house. Other interesting place to visit is the Town Hall in Gothic touch; which was then adapted as Saris Zupa Museum; in Slovakia, this is the oldest.

Other nearby cities you may want to have a look at, which are also interesting, are Bartfa, Kosice, or Presov.

Best Way and Time to Visit Bardejov

You can reach Bardejov from four airports in Slovakia: Kosice, Krakow, Lviv, and Katowice airport. Taking bus from Kosice will be the best option because of the short distance.

Bardejov has high rainfall from May to September. Therefore, if you want to avoid heavy rain during your travel in Bardejov, it is better to plan your vacation on October-April.

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