Ban Chiang, the Most Important Prehistoric Archaeological Site

Ban Chiang is UNESCO World Heritage that’s located in Udon Thani, Thailand and this site is also one of most important prehistoric settlement site in South East Asia. There are many important discoveries that archeologist found in this site, such as pottery jar that come from 1500 BCE and rice fragment that researcher believe as the proof that the people that lived in this site long time ago were farmer.


Ban chiang ceramic

The best time to visit Ban Chiang would be early summer. At that time, the season is hot, but still comfortable. And you must avoid the monsoon season in October, which is very hot that make it not very comfortable for exploring this area on foot and try many places and shop that offers souvenir and restaurant where you can taste the Thai culinary. The entrance fee to Ban Chiang would be around 150 Baht per person. If you want to visit the museum where you can see the ancient discoveries, you need to pay more for about 20 Baht.


feature pot

The nearest city from Ban Chiang would be Udon Thani. In fact, Ban Chiang location is in the Udon Thani area. The distance from Udon Thani is around 22 km. and, you can rent car and the driver to go to explore the Ban Chiang. But, you also can hire taxi, if you don’t have enough budgets. You also can take the bus from Udon Thani which only takes around 15 minutes and it will stop at the bus station near the Ban Chiang museum.




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