Ayutthaya, the City of Hundreds Ancient Temples

This ancient city history started around 1350 when this city becomes the second capital of Siam after Sukhothai. But, this city was destroyed in 1767 by Burmese and only left few building remains. However, that incident can’t erased the beauty of this city that once said to be the most beautiful city in the world by Europe people that comes and trade in this city long time ago. And in 1991, this city is acknowledged and become the UNESCO World Heritage.



The best time to visit Ayutthaya would be late spring and early summer. Although there would be no different of the weather in this city, where all years would be very hot and humid, late spring and early summer would be best time to visit, because, this is the time when you won’t meet the worst weather in this city, which is during April and October that is very hot. The beautiful place you can visit here would be temple. There are many temples that you can find here, such as Wat Phra Si Sanphet and Viharn Phra Mongkol Bopit.


Chaiwatthanaram Ayutthaya

There is lot of transportations that you can use to visit Ayutthaya. You can take land transportation, like car, bus or train, which is the cheapest transportation, from Bangkok, or you also, can use boat from Bangkok. Because this city becomes the center of trading in 17th century, there are many cultures that mixed in this city, from the Siam culture to China, India, Japan, Arab and Europe. But, now, you also can find cosmopolitan life here.

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