Avila with Beautiful Walls Overviewed form the Capital of Spain

A beautiful city that can be overlooked from Madrid and has beautiful walls, that is the description about Avila. The city is said to beat Toledo as the beautiful city that has the beautiful intact wall construction on the top of its hill and declared as the World Heritage by UNESCO.


Avila, Spain

In the city, it is not only walls those can be enjoyed by the visitors although that the walls are the most obvious structure to be spotted. The city is known as the birthplace of Saint Teresa of Jesus, the mystic writer and the city is known to be the important site of pilgrimage. In the city, visitors may walk around the huge walls in the city and also exploring a lot of archways and also turrets or pay a visit to Avila Cathedral Visitors may also visit Convento de Santa Teresa that for a reason seems to be grotesquely for including the Teresa’s ring finger and of course the ring too.



Coming to the city is easy. Visitors may choose to come with a train, car or bus all from Madrid. Visitors may also reach the city by taking train from Salamanca or get on the bus from Segovia. The visitors who are interested in visiting this city will be able to come in a day tour from Madrid and explore the city for a while. The best day to visit is during Friday and the time of early summer or late spring will be best time to visit the city.

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