Arequipa, the White City

Arequipa is a beautiful old city in Southern Peru. It is the capital city of Arequipa. Arequipa is located at Andes Mount. Because of its historical buildings, it became UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. Arequipa is called as the White City because of many buildings that have been built by Spanish colonialism. The buildings are made from white volcano rock that named as sillar.


Arequipa has many volcanoes. Though, the scenery is very beautiful. It is because Arequipa is situated at Andes Mount. Also, there are many historical buildings here. Walk around it can make you feel the colonialism atmosphere. The famous one is Plaza de Armas. The other is Convento de Santa Catalina. You can also see the Inca terraces. It is very beautiful and unique.

There are a lot of Arequipa restaurants that offer you Peruvian food. Most of them are hot and spicy. You can try this dish, Rocoto relleno con pastel de papa. It is very hot and very delicious dish that you must try. And the Peruvian’s drink, Pisco, must be tried if you are visiting Arequipa. There also many festivals that always held throughout the year. Most of them are celebrations of the holyday. It is something that you must see because it just held one a year.



Cathedral in Arequipa

Best time to visit Arequipa is in June to September. But usually tourists come in these two-periods: December-February, and June-August. You can go by plane and landing in Rodríguez Ballón Airport. But public transportation is none from or to the airport. Despite, the other way to reach Arequipa is by train and by bus. The White City can be a good choice if you are the fans of historical things. There a lot of historical buildings that has beautiful architectures. Also, if photography is your hobby, there are many objects in Arequipa that can satisfy yourself.

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