Appreciating Pieces of Human History Atapuerca

Appreciating the pieces of history can be acquired by visiting Atapuerca. This is a historical site that is declared to be the World Heritage by UNESCO. Sierra de Atapuerca is known as the archeological site that makes the archeologists able to follow the first human beings evolution.



The site was found in year 1899 when the constructions of railway opened up several archeological sites. In the year 1960, the first research began in the area and the research continued until now every people will see a massive archeological digging site that still being used for study. Because the site is still being used for knowledge and study by the experts, there are a lot of people who may feel worried that the place will not be opened for public. The site of Sierra Atapuerca indeed closed from time to time but the site will be opened for public in the certain time as well.

atapuerca site

Atapuerca’s Site

The site will be opened during morning and afternoon of summer. It recommended taking a tour that will last for around 2 hours and this tour must be booked ahead in winter. The cost for the tour is under 5€ per person and the tour will be started in Paleorama’s office tour in Atapuerca village. The tour usually revolves arun the people involved in the site and there is a free tour around the site by using the outer track from the old mining railroad. The people who will visit Atapuerca may reach to the village by bus or car from Burgos that only 15 minutes away from Atapuerca.

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