Antalya, Perfect Summer Tourist Destination

Antalya is known as the largest city around Turkish Mediterranean coast. This is a sprawling modern city which has charming historical area. You can find a lot of archeology museum that can be found in here. If you are visiting this area, you can travel in long sunny beaches which are located from east to the west. The coastline is come in Turquoise color. You can feel more comfortable to get around this city because of the atmosphere is very good.



The perfect time for you to reach Antalya is around April because of the sunshine is very good. If you spend your summer holiday in here, you can get your skin tanned. The best way to get in this city is using airplane. There are a lot of inexpensive flights which come from Istanbul and the cost is around $50. The other choices that can be use to get in the city is using boat, bus, and train. This city is rich for its art and history. You can find old quarter of Kaleici which is famous for its ancient city walls. It can be helpful to protect the concrete of million people. Besides that, you can also find plenty historical buildings and archeology museum. Other types of interesting place in here are Aspendos theatre that has a beautiful show for the tourist.



There are a lot of activities that you can do for your travelling. You can take a Yacht and see the beautiful panorama of Antalya from the yacht. Besides that, you can fulfill your shopping experience by going to the malls and outlet center.



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