Alesund, Fishery Harbor City of Norway

In dealing with any troublesome condition in life such as boredom and frustration, what becomes the best idea to solve such problems is indeed by conducting vacation. If you require a good reference of tourism destination, you can visit Alesund in Norway actually. This city is well known as little London in the past. This city was first settled by Rollo, the 10th founder of Normandy dukes dynasty. In visiting this city, besides you need to know about any attractions that the city offers, you need to make sure to visit here during summer.

Alesund City, Norway

Alesund, Norway

Well, what becomes the most famous uniqueness of Alesund is that the city is surrounded by water. Therefore, many people recognize it as fishery harbor city. What any tourist can enjoy there indeed is by visiting Aalesunds Museum, the Atlantic Sea Park, Art Nouve Centre, and many others. There you can also conduct shopping at Kremmergaarden. The choices of restaurant in this city may also make you be able to choose one which may suit your taste and budget the most. The most famous one perhaps is the XL dinner.

The Ålesund Museum

Ålesund Museum, Alesund, Norway

People who want to visit Alesund perhaps may wonder as well about the choice of transportation available within the city. The fact is that you can use whether rail, bus, car, even boat within the city to access any places you have an interest in. There is actually a famous culture which you can also find in the city such as annual Norwegian food festival. If you want to visit this city to watch the festival, you need to gather more information first about the schedule indeed.

The Atlantic Sea Park

Atlantic Sea Park, Alesund, Norway

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