A Trip to the Smallest City in Great Britain, St Davids

The name of St Davids refers to the smallest city in Great Britain and the community found in that city. It is located in Wales and it is famous with its historical sites. The name of the city was taken from Dewi (Saint Davids) who was born in the south of the city that is known as St Non’s in about AD 500. The population of St Davids is not more than 1800 people but it doesn’t mean there is no interesting thing found there. This city is the perfect holiday destination for anyone who loves learning history since it is full with famous historical buildings.

stdavids building

stdavids, wales

St Davids can be reached by bus from Haverfordwest. There is a bus service from this city that will bring the passengers to Fishguard before they continue this trip with a short bus from here. Exploring St Davids city can be done quickly remembering how small it is. Enjoying historical buildings there such as the cathedral and the bishop palace is the visitors’ favorite thing to do in St Davids. They also can do other things like hiking, visiting the national park, walking on the coastline of St Davids and many other activities. The beaches in St Davids are natural, beautiful and clean.

stdavids House

stdavids, wales

Like other cities in Wales, the right time to visit St Davids is in the summer. The weather is going to be warm this season. There are some accessories and souvenir stores that interesting enough to be visited by the visitors who want to buy something to their relatives at home.


stdavids, wales

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