A Heritage of Old World–Cuzco and Its Cultural Richness

During summer, most of you probably are probably busy thinking about what place to visit, aren’t you? Why not going to Cuzco, Peru, instead of spending more times uselessly? So now you perhaps are questioning yourself, what is so good about the place that you should visit it, right? Here is a concise introduction that probably would interest you even more.


The name is derived from aboriginal term used to describe the area, ‘Qusqu’. The Spanish conquistadors then arrived at the area and subsequently used their own dialect to name the area, and there we have Cuzco. You might find another variation, ‘Cuzco’, at times. Both are correct because there is no some sort of spelling that is internationally accepted regarding this matter. Now, how to reach the city? Through Inca Road System, one can reach the city and eventually stay at nearby hotel.

Various buildings are available to enjoy in this city due to cultural richness coming from combination of both Spanish conquest and Inca cultural heritage. One can even visit Machu Picchu from this city. In fact, Hiram Bingham, the famous explorer, once used the city as his base camp during the exploration that led him discovering the abandoned Inca site. One site that perhaps the most recognizable remain of ancient culture is Ruins of Sacsayhuaman, a complex that was built by Killke people, the first inhabitant of the area, predating even Inca Kingdom. Due to its cultural complexity, Cuzco was ultimately included in UNESCO WHS in 1983.

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