10 Recommended Places to See Traditional Music

If you are interested to traveling and music, it will be highly recommended to visit countries which offer you with their amazing traditional music. You can just see, record, or even take a role to play with those traditional musicians and get the unforgettable experiences. Below are ten places to grab such memories.

1. Indonesia



Indonesia, a country in Southeast Asia, has abundant cultures, including the traditional music. You can set a lot of places in this country to feel the greatness of traditional music people still preserve on those areas. Yogyakarta, Solo, and Bali are only three out of many parts of Indonesia which provide you the remarkable music; such as the one made by ‘gamelan’.

2. India


As you can see in Bollywood films, India is known as a country with traditional music played by people in unique performance and costumes. Visit some popular places in India, and you will be able to catch some events or music performances bringing the traditional soul of the society.

3. Morocco

Traditional Music of Morocco


People in Morocco, especially Marakkesh, are excited to show off in traditional music performances; some often hold it on the street. Even for the strangers who come as tourists, these people will likely ask them to join them.

4. Ireland

Traditional Music of Ireland


In Dublin, if you have chance to visit this capital city, you will be presented by numerous traditional music performances with gravelly voices strapping out tunes. As a matter of fact, music has been a very important part of Irish’s people including those who live in Dublin. On the street at many times, you will be able to see such music sessions with flute, guitars, and other musical equipment.

5. The United States

United States

The United States

Well, United States is the home for many different kinds of traditional music. Almost in all villages of this country, you can see plenty of traditional music sessions held on the street or certain buildings. Whether you visit New York, Austin Texas, Orlando, Georgia, and other parts of United States, there is a big possibility that you will find such music performance in different genres.

6. Austria

Traditional Music of Austria


In Austria, it is Vienna which becomes the center of music innovations. It even stays as the capital for classical music in Europe. Various kinds of music can be found there.

7. Edinburgh, Scotland

Traditional Music of Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

Similar to Ireland, Scotland has the remarkable music which many tourists can enjoy during their visit. It is Edinburgh which has numerous sites where people can take pleasure of the traditional music performances.

8. Korea

Traditional Music of Korea


Indeed, Korea is not only about K-Pop which is very popular these recent days. There is traditional music which is inherited limitedly. Koreans have a great traditional music; which is played in traditional equipment.

9. China

Traditional Music of China


People in China are famous as the ones who are creative in using the resources around them. One of the results of their creativity is the traditional music played through some traditional music instruments like Guzheng, Erhu, and Tanggu. Up till now, Chinese people still love to play their traditional music; daily or for certain special celebrations.

10. Africa

Traditional Music of Africa


This continent is full of countries which still keep their traditional music; like Kenya, Uganda, Kongo, Zambia, and many others. If you once travel to one of African countries, you can see the performances, if you are lucky enough to find it.

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