10 Places to See Beautiful White Sand Beaches in the World

For many reasons, beach becomes the most wanted vacation place rather than any other natural places such as mountain or hill. Beach becomes more attractive when it has a white sand to lie down. These are top 10 Places to See Beautiful White Sand Beaches all over the world.


You cannot say that you have been in Maldives if you just stay at the hotel all day long and not enjoying the beach. Maldives is famous as its beautiful crystal blue water. You can explore the 80 feet underwater life by swimming or snorkeling as you please. Its water clear will always be waiting for you.

Playa Esmeralda Cuba

This country has its own way for saying hello to you. Having long fine white sand beaches you can explore the beauty of every Cuban beach such as playa Esmeralda. This place offers many water attractions such as clear sea water, marine reefs, corals, lagoon and surely broad band white sands.


It can be guaranteed that if you have landed in this place, you will not want to come back. The place located in Tahiti has magnificent sea water. The turquoise clear water is combined with white sands and patio houses in the sea make want to stay longer. The quiet atmosphere of 18 mile beach can bring the peaceful of mind for everybody who visits it.

Makalawena beach Hawaii

Many people know about the beautiful tropical nature in Hawaii, and how about that situation is combined with white sand beach? It will be so romantic. This place consists of three beaches separated by lava point. The lava rocks make the underwater is very warm to swim. After tired of swimming, visitors can enjoy delicious fruits behind the beach that can be enjoyed under sunlight.

Ile Aux Cerfs Beach, Mauritius

We can draw a similarity between this place and blue lagoon. This six kilometer white sand accompanies the beauty of basalt rock and white coral. Several miles away from the beach, visitors can enjoy natural pool with sea creatures inside of it.


This place is listed on the most beautiful beach in the world. No wonder because the attraction of granite borders combined with tropical shady forest frames the cerulean sea water perfectly. The situation is very quiet here so you can feel like you are the owner of the beach.


The beach in this place is framed with long rocky white sand borders. When you go deeper inside of the underwater, you will be amazed by the various marine habitants that famous all over the world.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This beach does not only allure with its white sand, but it has something called privacy and gold sand. The gentle waves wipe the sand and call you to explore deeper. This place is also famous with beautiful scenery of its underwater.

Sanibel Island, Florida

This is the place which can make you feel like the only one matter person in the world. Don’t be hurry to be amazed by the white sand of its beach, the colorful sea shells are waiting to be found. When you come to the surface, the ambience of amazing sunset will close your day beautifully.

Karimun Java, Indonesia

This place is very beautiful because it is contains of shallow white sand beaches. If you sail with a boat, you can see the underwater easily since the water is very clear. The breeze of tropical air, is ready to guide you exploring the lagoons and atolls that are spread in this place, and the good news the accommodation is very affordable.

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