10 Best Places to See Beautiful Flowers

As we know, we can find so many beautiful flowers in this world; unquestionably there are abundant of them. How can you find them? Here are ten places to see the wonderful blossoms around the world.

1. Netherlands

The Keukenhof, Netherlands

Keukenhof, Netherlands

This country has been popular for its beautiful tulips which bloom on spring. Especially in Keukenhof, Lisse; also the other parts of the country, you will be able to see wide areas covered with the pretty tulips in different colors; like red, purple, yellow, red-white, pink, etc.

2. Washington DC, the United States

Washington DC

Washington DC, the United States

Visiting Washington DC on spring time, you must not skip the beautiful cherry blossoms in Tidal Basin and the surroundings. You will see the pretty look of blossoming cherry trees; burst like cotton candies. If you plan your visit well enough, there is a chance you will be able to attend Cherry-Blossom Festival which is held generally on 20 March to 27 April.

3. Japan

Japan Flowers


Who does not know Sakura? It is one of beautiful flowers in Japan. The calm bright pink on blue sky will surely be a great view when you come to Japan on its blossoming time, on spring. In addition to Sakura, Japan also has cherry blossom, which remains as another attraction of the country.

4. Canada, Ottawa

Flowers in Canada, Ottawa

Canada, Ottawa

People may be more familiar with Holland as the best place to see the gorgeous tulips. However, in fact, there is another place to have similar experience, which is in Ottawa, Canada. In this city, there usually a famous event called Canadian Tulip Festival which is recognized as the biggest festival of the world.

5. England

England Flowers


England is the home for daffodils, the narcissus family member which show offs their bright yellow colors on spring. This trumpet flowers can be found in many areas of England; whether in well-preserved gardens, fields, or on road edges. Some spots to get this daffodil’s amazing view are Cornwall, Thriplow, and Costwolds.

6. New Zealand, Lake Tekapo

New Zealand, The Lake Tekapo

New Zealand, Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo is not only beautiful because of its landscapes, but also the flowers which bloom greatly on summer. There are hosts of Russel lupines in various colors which will stop your eyes on the same direction on the Lake. Blue, pink, and purple lupines create very stunning view on Lake Tekapo.

7. Texas Hill

Texas Hill

Abandoned Farmhouse in Bluebonnets, Texas Hill

Through Highway Beautification Act which was agreed in 1965, Texas Hill Country is now rich of over 5000 species of wildflowers. The most attractive one is the spread bluebonnet which will create a blue land of beautiful flowers on spring. Combined with other species, Texas Hill is going to be very startling colorful place.

8. Azores, Portugal


Azores, Portugal

This archipelago is the paradise of botanical enchantment. A number of striking flower species like camellia, azalea, and other locals will give you perfect view of blossoms. You can get the best flower scenery after hiking the caldera and achieving crater lakes. Meanwhile, Terra Nosta Botanical Garden is the perfect place for capturing the beauty.

9. Provence, France

Flowers of Provence, France

Provence, France

Golden sunflower is the main source of admiration from the visitors who come to Provence, France, on summer. The hosts of sunflowers glittering under the shining sun; paired with the purple lavender is ready to strike you with the magnificent beauty.

10. Beijing, China

Flowers in Beijing, China

Beijing, China

Do not leave Beijing before you visit some places which have beautiful flowers; such as Xiangshui Lake, Jingshan Park, Pinggu, Beijing Botanical garden, and many more. Flowers like peonies, peach trees, magnolias, tulip, cherry blossom, and many others are truly beautiful to the eyes.

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