Škocjan Caves, One of the Largest Known Underground Canyons in the World

UNESCO must have a reason of their appointing Škocjan Caves as one of the natural world heritages; and the answer could be the beauty and exclusiveness of this cave system. Škocjan Caves is located in a municipality as well as town in Coast and Karst Region in Slovenia; which is known for its numerous limestone caves.

Škocjan Cave

The area of Škocjan Caves has been settled since prehistoric time so that a lot of great historical and cultural significances are there. The very first written source of the cave is from the second century BC; in Antiquity era. A chain of exploration has been made to explore Škocjan Caves. the systematic one was initialized in 1884; and some explorations were managed later on.

Škocjan Cave

What to See in Škocjan Caves

The attraction of Škocjan Caves come from the underground canyons included as one of the biggest in this world. Furthermore, here, you will be able to observe the contact karst, microclimatic condition with special ecosystem, and enjoy the beauty of caves with amazing aesthetic values. In addition, the historic and cultural heritage appeared in this cave system is also incredible

How to Get There

From the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana, you can take train to Trieste. There, you can later ravel on bus to Sezana and a train more to Divaca, the region where Škocjan Caves is in. to reach the cave, you can do hiking for about 4 kilometers.

In order to have a pleasant adventure in Škocjan Caves, it is better to avoid rainy seasons or winter for nice temperature and friendly journey to the caves.

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