Natural Monument in Virgin Komi Forests

Virgin Komi Forests is a natural wonder area which has a lot of mountains. It is located in Komi Republic Russia. The virgin forests are belonging to Ural Mountains taiga region. The dominant tree species that can be found in here is Siberian Larch, Siberian Fir, and Siberian Spruce. The prominent mammals that can be found in here are hare, mink, sable, and reindeer. This is a virgin area that will be difficult to reach.


Natural Monument in Virgin Komi Forests

If you want to get in Virgin Komi Forests, you should take a plane first and arrive at Syktyvkar from Ufa and Moscow. After that, you need to take a train to Syktyvkar via Arkhangelsk Oblast and Kotlas. You can take a helicopter if you want to around the forest. Komi Forest is dominated by some lowlands in the west and mountain formation in the east. The eastern area is dominated with Northern Ural Mountains which is oriented by the north-south direction. The special characteristic that can be found in here is mountain glacier formation which is occurred in Telpossky massif. You can found a formation of karsts landscape which is combined with subterranean caves, river beds, and craters. This area is also known as natural monument because of vegetation that can be easily found.


Natural Monument in Virgin Komi Forests

There are a lot of fauna which come from Asia and Europe in here. You can find around 16 fish species, 204 birds, and 43 mammals. You can enjoy travelling in this area in around May to August because it has a very nice weather. It is a good choice for you to do camping with a group of people and enjoy the nature.


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