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In Karachi, Getting Drowned in Brightest Lights

If you are currently planning a vacation abroad, consider taking Karachi into account. Also colloquially known as the City of Bright Lights, Karachi is a definitely beautiful city for everyone to visit all year round. Among the largest cities in Pakistan, Karachi stands out considering it has been well known since the dawn of civilization. Even the ancient Greeks have already taken notice upon this city and naming it Krokola–and that is only one of many names given to Karachi.   After Read more [...]

Bardejov, Home for Cultural Monuments in Slovakia

If you are visiting Slovakia, do not skip Bardejov; an old town with several amazing historical cultural monuments. Located in the floodplain terrace of Topl’a River, the hills of Beskyd Mountains; this town offers beautiful old heritage in wonderful landscape. In Stone Age, Bardejov has become an attractive land to settle. It grew as a big city for centuries. Furthermore, Bardejov was successful to be a busy town with incredible economic growth. It kept growing up to 19th century. The restorations Read more [...]

Top 10 Places to Experience Highest Observation Wheel London Eye

London Eye London Eye is known as the highest giant Ferris wheel in London. It is located in the River Thames, London, England. This Ferris wheel is known as the tallest wheel in Europe. You can see the most popular paid for tourist attraction around US in here. You can see the highest public viewing point around London. The Singapore Flyer The Singapore flyer is a giant Ferris wheel which is located in Singapore. The total height of 165m made this wheel is become the tallest Ferris wheel Read more [...]

Find the Diverse Influence in Ancient Buildings in Cordoba

Cordoba of Spain is known to be rich with history and cultural heritage. Located between Seville and Granada, this city was known to be important city for thousands of years. The city ruled by Roman, it ruled by the Visigoth, then ruled by Muslims before finally fell to the hands of Catholic Monarch. The city is famous for being the birthplace of philosophers like the Muslim Averroes. The city is also the birthplace for other famous figures like Paco Pena the flamenco artist. The diversity of Read more [...]

Top 10 Places to See Unique Tombs

Great Pyramid of Giza The pyramid of Giza is located in Egypt. This is a big size of pyramid that has spectacular panoramic view. You can see some different resolutions in here. There are some beautiful pyramids that can be seen around here. Most of them are used to store the late king of the emperor. Sphynx Pyramid In Egypt, there are a lot of pyramids. It is become a symbol of an emperor. Besides that, pyramid is very suitable to build in the desert. One of the most popular unique Read more [...]