Category: Beautiful Places in Asia

Tainan City, Historic City of the Southern Taiwan

If you are asking about the great place for your visit during your stay in Taiwan; Tainan City is one of the best answers. This is a magnificent historical city which is located in the southern part of the country. It remains as a wonderful place to live as well as excellent tourist destination in Taiwan. During the imperial times, Tainan City was the main capital city. According to historical facts, Taiwan has been occupied and conquered by several nations; like Japan, Dutch, and the Chinese. Read more [...]

The English City in Korea

Some people love to go to a crowded place. If you also have the same intention it is better for you to go to South Korea. Specifically, you can go to the third populous namely Incheon. This is considered as the third most crowded area after Seoul and Busan. Actually, this is the place where some of important events held. For example, Incheon was the place for the Global Fair and Festival 2009. Moreover, it was also the place for G20 Finance Minister in February 2010. Next, it was the area for Read more [...]

Ban Chiang, the Most Important Prehistoric Archaeological Site

Ban Chiang is UNESCO World Heritage that’s located in Udon Thani, Thailand and this site is also one of most important prehistoric settlement site in South East Asia. There are many important discoveries that archeologist found in this site, such as pottery jar that come from 1500 BCE and rice fragment that researcher believe as the proof that the people that lived in this site long time ago were farmer. The best time to visit Ban Chiang would be early summer. At that time, the season is Read more [...]

Antalya, Perfect Summer Tourist Destination

Antalya is known as the largest city around Turkish Mediterranean coast. This is a sprawling modern city which has charming historical area. You can find a lot of archeology museum that can be found in here. If you are visiting this area, you can travel in long sunny beaches which are located from east to the west. The coastline is come in Turquoise color. You can feel more comfortable to get around this city because of the atmosphere is very good. The perfect time for you to reach Antalya Read more [...]

Revealing the Past In Troy

Have you ever seen the film which is entitled with “Troy”? There is a place with the same name with that movie. This place is located in Turkey. Now we will see what we can find there. Check this out. Troy is a city which is located in Turkey in the northwest of mountain Ida. According to the treasury report from this site, the first city in this place, Wilusa, was made around the Bronze Age, or third millennium of BC. It was reported than an earthquake had destroyed this place around Read more [...]