These days, the number of towers in the world has been increasing significantly. This happens because a tower is usually considered as a symbol of a city. As a matter of fact, freestanding tower is actually a vivid example of

Guimarães can be another choice for your vacation; especially when you are dreaming of historical experience during your journey. This Portuguese city is located in Braga, Ave Subregion of Portugal with only 23.5 km square area, Guimarães offers interesting historical

Yalta is an Ukrainian resort town where you can see a wide variety of allures. There are many things that you can enjoy for a vacation when visiting Yalta. You, for example, can see Armenian Church that was established in

L’viv is a city of Ukraine, which is positioned in the western part of the country. In fact, L’viv is the biggest city of Western Ukraine that offers a lot of allures for tourism. What makes L’viv differs is that

Pico Island is a perfect destination which should be on your top list when you decide to prepare a trip to Portugal. Pico Island is noted as big part or Azores Archipelago which offers beautiful landscape and culture. The most